Redemption And Circles…

Around again…

Read After Burnout

I found myself saying to my daughter’s English teacher that The Kite Runner was a redemptive text. I said it over and over again with an emphasis that suggested either intense intellectual interest or just senility.

Redemption has been on my mind of late. It is buzzing slowly around like a moth that is drawn to the last embers of a youthful life that has been lived. It came back again this weekend with memories, now long gone, of the time that I lived in London. More precisely it came back when I reconnected with a very good and long lost friend.

Some people have a bucket-list of things to do before they finally shuffle off. I have no such thing, though lately I have had a yearning to visit the Far East. That last one has something to do with the fact that it has always presented to me…

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