The Black Death Was a Hoax…

That should come as a relief to all those people who perished in the great plagues. The pandemic that saw off almost a half of Europe’s population was nothing more than a scam performed by a dirty bunch of rats and their associate flees upon an ill-informed populace. The resulting deaths could have been avoided if only those poorly led people had known the truth.

In today’s world, the truth is equally evasive. People have learnt from their Bubonic battering and are now much wiser, much less likely to go dying with not so much as a sniffle. The truth is that there is no truth. Whatever is out there is something that masquerades as the truth, and is the devious manifestation of some intention to persuade in order to gain advantage.

A friend of mine, during an extended discussion on the right and climate change, fell onto the thorny issue of the world taking notice of a girl of seventeen.

“She’s wrong. She’s lying. She doesn’t know anything about what she is talking about. She protests against carbon emissions and travels the planet in a luxury yacht. Those that cry the loudest are the biggest hypocrites!”

His default position is that anyone telling you to do something for the sake of the planet is in it for themselves. They are going to gain. You are going to lose. You can’t believe anything that you are told.

I think there is scepticism, healthy scepticism and outright wilful ignorance. If you can’t believe anything, you are pretty much doomed. If you were to wake-up dead from some hoax virus or other, could it be believed? Or is some other dead body feeding you lies?

Bless you.

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