When All Falls Short…

We all fall short…

Read After Burnout

As a child, I was told stories of heroes, unjustly accused outsiders, who saw the evil for what it was and launched all their energies against it. We, the non-privileged watched as our hero battled the wrong that had been visited upon us and, against all odds, came through. Or, depending on the level of saccharine, fell short – heroically. Endings are written before we ever truly get started.

How far do we travel in our lives? Most of us are not nomadic and our lives are dictated by the demands of work. We may travel in order to get to that work whilst saving up to travel away from it when holidays allow. But how far do we really journey and what do we gain from it? Perhaps we are tethered by our commitments and perhaps we are pinioned from birth, given a stretch of rope ‘to each accordingly’…

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