All Building Is Rebuilding…

All Posting Is Reposting…

Read After Burnout

Sometimes your own tiny tragedies are thrown into sharp relief when compared to the ones other people experience. At this point I would like to state that I have stopped having everyday tragedies such as the car breaking down or the roof springing a number of leaks. No, I have just stopped thinking about them as tragedies. There just…well they are just whatever they are. I’m getting a wee philosophical as I am preparing to spend part of the day doing the dreaded S word, SUPPLY. And it’s at a pretty ropey institute as well. The school is part of the general wheel of fortune that insists on bringing me back to places that I thought I had long since left. Oops!

So I have the T word and the S word and they are both playing the parts of gods from Ancient Greece who choose to set up little…

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