Truth Post…

Or should I say, post truth.

I was reading an article in the National Geographic this morning concerning the possibility that the Mediterranean Sea was once dried up. Long, long time ago. But scientists have discovered evidence in the form of salt deposits that suggest that this was the case. It’s almost inconceivable, but I can just about conceive it. Yet, why should I?

We are told to be sceptical about what we choose to believe. The media is owned and run by the liberal-elite, not the ridiculously rich fraudsters who sell us all that glitters as gold. The rich fraudsters know that we need to reevaluate our truth sources and they know that, with their help, we can do so. Hence, scientists being experts and products of a privileged liberal elite education, should be ignored. These experts tell lies in order to keep themselves in work. How on Earth could anything like the Med dry up? What type of a bozo do they think I am?

It turns out that I am excactly the bozo who they think I am. I am the type of bozo who likes to read. I like fiction and I like fact. I don’t like the faction that is telling me that I cannot trust experts and scholars. That way, I would have to have the capacity to think for myself, review my sources, and make my mind up. How can a bozo who is not from the ridiculously rich fraudster class be able to do that?

It turns out that the Mediterranean Sea is evaporating at a rate that is astounding and that the only reason why it remains ‘full’ is the influx of water from the Atlantic through the Straits of Gibraltar. If I hadn’t read that article this morning, I would not have known that.

The scientists are still examining what they think they may have discovered, and they will probably be doing so for a very long time, but I accept that these people are looking for explanations rather than searching for the simple, all-encompassing answer.

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