The Truth Is Contagious…

In a post-truth world, in which politicians persuade their populations not to believe in anything, other than what they tell them, it’s difficult to have to come to terms with a truth that stands the assaults of all those who would deny it; Coronavirus.

The big C has managed to cut through the fake attempts to dismiss its importance, even breaking into, and through, the ‘don’t panic’ rhetoric of our elected guardians. Downing Street, The Whitehouse, the Palais Bourbon have each fallen to the absolute truth of this virus. And yet still there remains a steadfast denial. It is a denial born out the belief that we are too strong, too clever and too resourceful to allow a foreign cold to overwhelm us.

I have been into schools this last few days and have been faced with questions directed at me by pupils who are seriously looking forward to getting some extra time off school. It appears that even the Black death is preferable to the slow death that they have to endure in classrooms.

So, each day it grows and we stand back and ignore it. Perhaps, if we ignore it long enough, it will go away. Or, perhap it is here to stay…

The truth…

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  1. Ben’s school shut down as of Friday afternoon. He will be out until after Spring Break. 3 weeks should be long enough for it to get sorted.
    State governments are ignoring the Orange Idjit and being proactive to protect the people.
    Good luck! Keep washing your hands!

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