One Magpie; Flightless…

Clearer Skies…

Read After Burnout

We had been watching the news all morning and it was not good. The virus has taken a grip on anybody who wanders into its path. There is fighting in supermarkets – over toilet paper and pasta? Our present population is being faced with a situation that many would only dare to contemplate through the medium of Zombie Apocalypse movies and TV shows. The truth is that the end does not arrive with a groan and the drag of long-dead feet, it is silent and unseen.

My little magpie is back. It’s the runt of the litter, its life hindered by not having a decent set of tail feathers. I have seen its siblings, bigger and immeasurably more confident, moving from tree to tree, swooping this way and that for the sake of it, a flourish of their own lives and their chances of survival. My little magpie sits there…

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