Read After Covid…8

And again…after a cycle ride…

Read After Burnout

Saints are dangerous creatures. They promise miraculous hope and redemption. They give us a sure-fire way of being delivered from evil. They…leave sentences unfinished.

The school was a beacon of salvation. The needy were taken in and helped to evolve into exemplary members of society. This was the reason that I joined the workforce of this environment, having believed that I had a touch of the Jesus complex. My whole teaching career has been propelled by my inner saint. I could heal lepers, bring views to the sightless, and make the dead live again. Well, that’s what I thought. My perception of my powers has altered to allow me to view my skills within a very limited framework. I have become a good teacher again, but I am not essential for life on Earth. Without my anecdotes or explanations, persuasions and patience, the world will turn.

Lots of beings are…

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