Read After Covid…Day 2

A little later…

Read After Burnout

My mornings begin in roughly the same way. I wake. I climb from bed. I descend the stairs and I boil a kettle. God forbid if this virus interfered with that. Earlier this week, one news article grabbed my attention by the horns. It was a video-report from a hospital in Lombardy and it needed little hype.

There were rows of hospital beds with patients laid flat on their stomachs. They had ventilators attached but were showing no real signs of life. Here, it definitely wasn’t business as usual. For these people, not really patients because they could not really be cared for, the end was definitely nigh. A doctor explained through a facemask that nobody was expected to survive. This was a ward that had become a morgue and these bodies were waiting to be officially pronounced DEAD. The doctor suffered from sleep deprivation; she could not really…

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