Read After Covid…17

Revelations don’t come much bigger. I wasn’t on the road to Demascus, I wasn’t on any road, I was in my pyjamas and checking my blog. I was checking the reading figures, and that formed art of my revelation – even in times such as this, I am cocerned with Earthly matters. Then it struck me…

It wasn’t a thunderbolt, more of a soft slap in the face with a muddy hand. Realisation is not always a bolt from the blue, but a creeping centipede of awareness. And, as the centipede crept, it traced out a message that only now I can decipher,


Bloody centipede, eh? A hundred tell-tale feet that dipped themselves in truth and tatooed it onto my naked flesh.

I was initially stung by the sharp pain of it all. This self-isolation had played into my ego’s self perception. I was one who revolved around his own existence and rarely took an outward look at the lives of others. In times like this, there was one solution – King Ben’s Grandma.

KBG is a blogger and a writer who spends quite some time reading and commenting on my blog. In this manner she has stoked the flames of my burning ego which demands to be READ. In the meantime, KBG has been keeping her own chronicles that document her family’s passage through this self-deniers’ paradise. Unlike me, KBG writes about others.

She deals with the minutae of her world, the waking up at 3am, the Bedquakes that announce the arrival of her grandson upon her bed, the discipleship of ZEUS, the dog that follows her everywhere. Beyond the Greeek god, there is very little that appears Biblical. And yet, there is a thread of undimmed humanity that runs throughout her narrative. She makes friends with people. She offers to give what little her family have to others who may be in need. She is gifted items which she cannot buy in the empty shelves of the new world. She not only survives, but thrives.

After reading some episodes from her blog, I have been touched by the revelation that I am a smucko, and one of the highest order. And even knowing this may not change me.


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