Read After Covid…19

At last, we have reached the significant number, the one that we are all dreading. It’s just another number on the list of numbers of diseases relating to their genetic structure rather than the disease. Therefore, viruses, and the diseases they cause, often have different names.  For example, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  People often know the name of a disease, but not the name of the virus that causes it. It was the World Health Organisation that gave Covid 19 its nom de plume after it was originally called ‘2019 novel coronavirus’. They made it snappier but not less lethal. I call it IT.

IT is responsible for many deaths. IT has ensured that we are in a state of lockdown. IT has stamped its presence on almost every country in the world. IT is fully globalised, ignoring checkpoints, embargos, race or belief. IT is also not particular about who it sets upon Perhaps this is a truly democratic virus, but I’m not cheering for it.

The figures came out again in the late afternoon; they showed another increase. One of my past friends works, for some of his time, as a nurse. I got a text from him this morning telling me of the conditions at the hospital that he works in; short of equipment, staff getting the sickness, three staff having died. He said that conditions were driving staff to breaking point. We the numbers falling ill and the continued rise in deaths, it must seem as if the world is beginning its final throes. And still the glib faces tell us how much they are doing to alleviate the situation. I have heard from a number of people who say that they cannot watch the daily updates as they have become exhausted by the constant evasions.

One thing that can not be ignored is the plight of our Prime Minister who was admitted to hospital on precautionary grounds. Overnight, his stay has been extended. It wil be when famous people become infected with the virus that responses will change. Imagine Trump going down with it? Putin? Suddenly, the foot-dragging will change. Denial will no longer be tolerated and there will be a sudden call for action. Their weapon of choice has been rousing or assuring speeches, but those days have passed. Thye have been worried about the economy, but what use is an economy if there is nobody to work it? Little by little this grey new world is dawning and our leaders need to start to act in the wider public interest rather than serve their own egos.

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  1. My part of SoCal has had 16 deaths as of the 4th. Almost 1700 cases but most are recovering. Our governor ignored Trump and issued his own orders, early.
    I’m hopeful.
    I do feel bad for people that listen to the “party line”… they may pay for it with all they have.

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