Read After Covid…21

And so the digital age rides to the rescue – NOT.

I was trying to send some documents this morning. I was trying and trying and trying and…before this gets too predictable, I shall stop.

Being somewhat reliant of digital technology and being caught in an organic shitstorm can leave us rather exposed. Technology has come to provide those regular interactions that are now confined to places of work: the chat at the coffee machine, the passing of information whilst passing in the corridors, the greetings that we don’t usually notice but respond to anyway. My social interaction is limited, but I do enjoy a little chat (a few paragraphs exchanged relating to the world and the posts) with King Ben’s Grandma. I also go through some of my contacts on FB, like as appropriate, and repost likewise. Thsi is my passing along the digital corridors of the new world. But this morning, my emails (all of them) went into non-function mode. I tried and I tried but the house would not be blown down.

If at first you don’t succeed, do all that trying thing until you are completely out of air and then Fuck IT. Life is too short and getting shorter.

So, having cast off the digital age, I am preparing to go all pre-digital. I am re-reading The Stand (now probably the tenth time) and am trying to concentrate upon the essentials. Our house is in a reasonably content mode, having surmounted one tense stand-off, and there is relative calm suffusing the atmosphere. There is sunshine and warmer temperatures. I have my bike which is able to take me on journeys of distraction. We are able to continue to provide food and essentials. WE don’t have Trump as our Head of State (big PLUS ++++++++++). Although people are getting ill and dying, our lives continue with only the acceptable inconvenience of lockdown.

Still no idea about when, or how, this will all end.

Here is a cave-painting I did earlier…

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  1. I am envious of your sunshine and warm temperatures. It’s been raining here since… like March 1st. Oh, except for that one weekend when it was nice and the idjits ignored the “Stay At Home” order and flocked to the beaches. Which caused ALL the beaches & parks to be closed. $1000.00 fine if you get caught. Grrrr…
    Not nice to rub it in about the Orange Idjit In Chief😉 Bernie has bowed out, so it looks like Biden vs Idjit… dispair… they both suck! I guess Biden is somewhat less evil, he’s got to be more intelligent…

    Nice cave painting!! Watch out for The Walkin’ Dude!

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    1. I have just been reading about him again, Walking Dude not Orange. Orange scares me more. He has a following that would sacrifice first, seconf and third born to him _ any extras would get thrown in the pot. Yes, in the normal world a Democrat like Biden is not that disimilar to a GOP member, but these aren’t normal times. Before the USA votes, it has to try to survive. Stay Safe, lady.

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