Read After Covid…23

I started writing this as an opportunity to capture one of the greatest events of history. In terms of the twentieth and twenty-first century this is pretty big. Or is it just so because the western countries are now getting a taste of something that previously only the underdeveloped states had to deal with?

After the warm sunshine of Wednesday, Thursday came with cloud and cold. We stayed in throughout the day and found things to do that were productive. My wife worked on her Law course, my eldest worked from home, and my youngest studied. The middle and me did reading and watching.

Today is Good Friday, the significance of which has been lost to the current generation. It was: Jesus on a cross; lots of people enjoying a good execution; Roman soldiers a little too free with their spears and vinegar, Mary (the former prostitute) crying at his feet. Now it’s just a Bank Holiday, the start of a long weekend, a chance to buy some lamb for Sunday’s rebirth lunch, and refreshments that are alcoholic.

Now, regardless of whatever religion (Christian, Muslim, Judaism, or just consumerism), Easter has been cancelled. ‘Stay at home,’ we are constantly being told. Indeed, some police chiefs are threatening to set up road blocks and search shopping trolleys for non-essential goods. Easter Eggs? There is righteous anger being delivered by the righteous towards those that are UNrighteous. My giddy aunt, if this is what The Black Death does for you…

For all the things that we now own, for everything that we ever thought that we may achieve, for every thing that we ever felt, it all boils down to this; human beings hiding in their caves waiting for the ‘bogey-man’ to pass on by. And, boy is he scary.

My personal journey through life has gone a little wayward in recent years. From being an ordinary cynic of the way that people chose to live their lives, I became a moderate success. Me and success were not meant for each other, so I fell out of that aspect of my existence and became a moderate loser. For the record, I don’t like being that either. Having enjoyed a moderate Christ complex, I am now a practising agnostic who longs for the certainty of belief. Where once I believed that my experiences were preordained, now I think that they are just some cosmic jumble that has been thrown together in a recycling bin. When I started this journal of IT, I always intended to stay alive; never thought that I may be one of those who would actually be taken by it. And what if that is nonsense?

I can see why some older civilizations believed in any number of gods whose sole aim in life was to have fun, normally at the expense of humanity. We are a little species with a big opinion of ourselves. We think that we can control everything. We think that everything was put here just for us to play with, consume, or destroy. Infact, before our little interruption, we were doing quite well at destroying the only place we can call HOME.

We had become those gods and we were just as self-serving. It’s just a cosmic irony that the thing that is killing us is saving the planet. I had my reset button pressed four years ago and now it has been depressed for the rest. It will be a hard journey back to what we consider normality, and I don’t think that ‘normal’ will fully return, or if many people actually want it to return.

I am being optimistic about mankind. I am thinking that we may collectively see the error of our ways. It is me who is in ERROR. Sooner or later the world will come back, economies will have crashed, hierarchies smashed, and it will remake itself in its own image – that gluttonous beast that is never satiated. I am hoping that we may learn from this but believing that we may not.

On a lighter note, we have bought some time for our planet whilst not consuming its gifts.

Happy Easter.

13 thoughts on “Read After Covid…23

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    1. I don’t mind religion, but it’s not for me. If it works for others, and it does, I have no problems. When all this is over, and if there is a God, I will just have to eat my digital words.

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  1. I’m like you… I have hope, but I’m much too cynical or pragmatic to believe my hope will be fulfilled.
    And you’re right, at least the planet is getting a well deserved and much needed break.

    Its pouring rain again today. I’m very tired of rain. SoCal is supposed to be “semi-arid”, not cold and sorry. It’s making me grumpy☹

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    1. It’s Neo-Biblical how the weather has matched the mounting unease of the planet. And how is it that we have democracies ruled over by the insane? If our man over here belives himself to be Winston Churchill, who fills the fantasies of your fella?

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