Read After Covid…25

The numbers resist any hope. They come thick and fast with rising tides. They tell us that we will soon reach the peak, the zenith of ITs destruction, but the dates for reprieve are continually being re-timetabled. IT seems to be winning. People keep catching and people keep dying. If you are admitted to critical care unit, your chances of survival are less than fifty percent. Fifty/fifty is luck, bad luck, and yet it is the only luck that we now have.

It’s just our luck to have a government that has cultivated a deep distrust of any state that is not our own. We have become an island nation once again; a nation that thinks of itself before all others. And yet, IT is international. IT is happening on almost all fronts, from the banking world of Germany to the jungles of Brazil. There are deniers, those that suggest that it is no more than a common cold or a variant of seasonal influenza, and those deniers will never accept any other truth. Those who die from this will have done so as a result of their own character failings.

In the UK, we are told to Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives (I accidentally misspelled Lies). Our government is doing everything for us and that includes telling the truth through their teeth. We didn’t follow WHO’s advice on testing because we are British and nobody has the right to tell us what to do, including those who would suggest that Life Jackets would be a decent idea for a maiden voyage of Titanic. Nobody could have forecast this, it’s unprecedented.

Now in the sink or swim world of the global pandemic, we are starting to feel the exhaustion of paddling madly, just to keep up. As each day passes, and more and more updates begin to spell out the message, we are staring some uncomfortable certainty in the eyes – more and more deaths and less and less people to save lives.

At the height of all this, the stand-in PM has suggested that frontline staff need to economise on their use of PPE (personal protective equipment). He obviously believes that the equipment is a valuable resource that should be used sparingly whilst the people using it are not as valuable. This was the party of outright liars who romped to victory at the recent election. Having done that, they probably believe that lying gets the job done as they have been caught out on their lies so many times and it hasn’t affected their standing. Perhaps that fault is not their but ours, a spoonful of deceit helps the medicine go down. I don’t find that hard to swallow.

I have taken to waking up in the middle of the night with things that suggest symptoms. For up to an hour, I will lay there inwardly fretting about my seemingly compromised mortality. This morning I had The Doors singing about The End – I was Kurtz and my heart was darkening.

The world truly has become a much darker place. We keep our social distance and shun our friends and neighbours. As each day passes we drift a little further apart. Social media has replaced positive interaction and we are beginning to live in those digital spaces that are virtual parodies of our ‘real’ lives. Some people have ignored the lockdown and have gone out of their ways to blatantly challenge it. Lockdown is something for the mugs who follow the rules and who happen to care about their responsibilities to the wider society. Ironically, IT has the freedom to roam, and to infect, and to kill. Yet, some of those disregarders will survive IT.

And all the deaths that are being recorded are not the full story. When the eye of the storm passes, we will be pulling the unseen dead from their homes for many months to come.

Then, who will still want the truth?

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  1. The truth is always better than lies. Even if that outfit DOES make me look fat😉

    A good case of paranoia could make this whole “stay at home…only socialize through cyberspace” thing into a HUGE conspiracy to control us. Or did Trump already blame the Democrats or “Deep State” for that??

    Hoppy Easter to you & yours! Eat lots of chocolate!!🍫

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  2. I’ve been debating whether or not to quit early. Apparently, the Texas governor has extended the shutdown til May 15th, which I’m sort-of okay with because we haven’t peaked yet down here, but we will soon. I am probably gonna recommend to my boss that we should shut down Wednesday, give it a full two weeks off and maybe I’ll return may 1st, or whatever comes first. I could shut down my office tomorrow, but some people already made those “essential” appointments and I want to give a few days notice to the others that they’ll have to reschedule (they can’t plead ignorance or complain with a two day minimum head start not to show up–and I am not the one who calls or e-mails them: it’s automated from corporate).

    Besides, my other co-workers left a bunch of food in the fridge that will have to be gotten rid of (hee hee). Definitely gonna do that when I have a slow moment–if I get one–the next few days.

    I still know of a few people not taking this seriously, and the more I’m out there working, the more likely I’ll be to catch it and get ill. More than that, I’m gonna run out of hand sanitizer and disposable gloves eventually and I’m having trouble finding any at all. After all, the stores all open after I’m at work and by the time I get there, the supplies have been picked over. More than that, I’m getting stress headaches from all the uncertainty and would rather shut down a few weeks, just to ease up. Won’t do myself any good killing my immune system due to foolishness.

    Besides, I’ve got well over a month’s worth of yard and cleaning projects I’m drooling to get done and over with. Garden plot, here I come. I’ve got a full kitchen and shouldn’t be going out to get anything (other than GOOD coffee when I find it, and honey for tea) the next few weeks. Time to get my cookbooks out and learn something.

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    1. Yes, for an introvert, this is quite some chat. I really enjoyed reading this. Unfortunately, IT is real and having a field-day. I have read that some recovered patients who got Covid clean have since tested positive for it again. It certainly wants to hang around.

      Take care of yourself and make sure that you get through this. Cookbooks are good.


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