Read After Covid…30

The big three-oh! So reaching this means that we are still in the grip of the virus; IT as I call IT. And still the madness squirms around the world like a bar of soap that is too slippy to hold. In retrospect, believe that I am a little free with my similies as that one tends to suggest that it is madness that is taking place in a large communal shower in some correctional facility. Perhaps I have Stephen King to thank for that one.

Talking about King, I am re-reading, for the one-hundred and seventh time, The Stand. I thought that it would provide some light entertainment and possibly a few instructions that would be useful in today’s new world. Perhaps, I initially thought that IT (the virus not the clown) would resemble King’s narrative. The opening deals with a pretty plausable scenario of a virus, manufactured in a lab for use in some theoretical conflict, escaping into the wider population with devastating effects – a 99% kill-rate.

Almost instantly, the world falls to its knees with our technology unable to form anything other than a very flimpsy defence that cracks on impact. The rubbish is not collected, people race to get out of the cities and cause traffic jams that accelerate their demise. The army is brought in to quell public unrest, before they start shooting people for doing the one thing that comes naturally – panic. Looting is hardly dangerous as there is nobody left to complain. People are not told to stay at home but many do, and that is where they die. The TV and radio stations keep on broadcasting, many purveying the Government’s line whilst others wish to expose the cover-up. People are afraid of each other and seek to hide away rather than risk contact. After a number of weeks, the dying fom the virus has all but finished, but the deaths from the afermath have only just begun.

Perhaps it’s the observations on humanity that I like the most; the way some people are immediately drawn to the decent side whilst others gravitate to the not so decent one. I don’t think that it will be a replaying of the Book of Revelations, but I do believe that there will be some rather ‘told-you-so’ truths that emerge after this event has past.

We all know that certain leaders are basic meglomaniacal madmen whilst some countries see this as an opportunity to reimpose themselves on a world order. Individuals have shown themselves to be rather better than I had initially expected they would be – that was after they had done the bulk-buying of toilet roll and pasta (still at a loss as to what can be made from those two ingredients). Front-line workers have come to the fore and deserve the applause they get, and hopefully a decent wage-rise afterwards. Whether anyone deserves the accolade of ‘angel’ or ‘saint’ is beyond me, a ‘good human being’ is sufficient. Many politicians have come out of this as they went into it with fractured values and ethics, seizing the moment to establish their ideologies and careers at the expense of others.

Many people now see this as a possible fresh-start and I hope they are right. Deep down, I think that things will just return to ‘normal’ with people choosing to eat the crap that they have been so accustomed to consuming.

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  1. It is truly amazing what can be bought (and sold) with enough money… ethics, morality, common sense, a conscious, a soul…

    I know California is in “His” area, but I might stay put and wait for the aftermath to be over😉

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