Read After Covid…34

Out of sync, but so is life…

Read After Burnout

Paralysis comes with dreams. It arrives at the moment when sudden movement is required and needs the reptilian brain to inform it of danger. Being in hospital during those days was like going to a safaris park, getting out of your car and taunting the lions. It should have been easy to climb back into the safety of the driver’s seat, put on the belt, and switch the ignition before pulling away as the muffled screams of others begin to puncture the your sense of safety. I had been delivered to a ward on which the only screams were mine as the jarring of my broken bones rubbed salt into my still fresh wounds. With nothing better to spend my time on, other than the quick-fire response of pain receptors, I listened to the sounds of the ward. If the lions came for me, I would be a static feast.

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