More Is Less…

This month has seen my adventures take me from an innocent cycle ride to a hospital continuing its functions in the face of Covid 19. Fortunately for my neck of the woods, Covid has pretty poor map-reading skills and a terrible sense of organisation. I wonder if this is the case with all pandemics. Anyway in the face of this virus, one that is now demanding a name beyond IT, I set to write and to chronicle.

Mine is not going to be a blow by blow account of how the virus, IT, set about the task of world domination through fear, and a certain amount of ignorance, but will wander into the darkened corridors of my psyche and how it dealt with the real chance of oblivion. Along the way, I was able to sample some of the best drugs out there, wander in an hallucinogenic ramble and, eventually, come out the other side – if I ever did.

This is why I have not been writing, because I have been writing. And because I was too unwell to be bothered.

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