Read After Covid…13

Write about what you know, that’s what they tell you. The problem is that I do not know these times, at all. These times have sprung up from the pages of novels that weave themselves around the possibility of a plague decimating the world’s population. Interesting that the term, decimate, refers to the Roman habit of killing one in ten of the population which they had just conquered. This is one such enemy, little microscopic stormtroopers that are literally taking the world by storm. At the moment, IT is winning as it is being aided by ‘world leaders’ who have not a clue about anything other than themselves.

On a global scale, humanity has backflipped into democratically electing leaders who are dictators, tyrants, autocrats, despots, oppressors and total arsewipes. How did that happen? My guess is that it happened because people got tired of thinking too much. We are not good at overthinking and deem it to be something that is linked to depression and mantal illness. When I went through my own hard time, I was encouraged to axe the thinking time as it was not good for my anxiety. I still carried on, but never spake it.

One thing that I have accepted as an eternal verity is that ‘shit happens’ nad it happens with a frequency that is dizzying.

This is Covid 13 which signals almost two weeks of recording my responses to the virus, AKA IT. It is my pet name for the invader. IT reduces it somewhat and makes me feel a little more confident about our ability to counter its insidiuos ways. Just what, however, what would we do if we discovered that IT had replicated itself in human form and had managed to embed itself right at the hearts of power? Imagine if the leaders of the US, Great Britain, India, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, and Russia were the epicentres of ITs plans to decimate Earth’s humans? Decimate or just dictate into oblivion? Now wouldn’t that shake us all up?

My money is that it wouldn’t. A betting man would suggest that humanity would shrug, lift eyebrows, and accept that one in ten would be sacrificed to a set of Romans who should have stayed in their own eternals. There would be no slave rebellions as the wise ones would sagely point out that they are always doomed to failure. Why bother fighting for your lives when you are going to die anyway?

I read that Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, believes that he could never die from the virus as he was a finely honed athlete as a younger man. I would say the same for other DICs (short for dictators) but I can only stretch credibility so far before it snaps and hits me right in the face (like the face-mask that Bolsonaro was wearing the other night. Although Trump is a giant wonderment of the male gender, I can’t see him as ever having done anything spectacular in the sporting arena. He wouldn’t have the resistance. And Boris would just be a one who occasionally tried before getting just a tad bored.

So, I’ve ignored the advice of experts and have written about the things that I don’t know. Just oiling the fingers.

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