Blessed are The Weak…

Another extract from Out of the Woods.

You can only be openly disrespectful just so many times before somebody notices. It’s always the ones you fail to notice, the almost invisible ones who do the jobs that nobody else cares to do, the ones you would never do in a millions shit-storm centuries, who inform. They are treated like shit in their lives and obviously learn to act like shits. My guess was that it was the cleaner, the one that thought she was a doctor or a nurse, the one that had probably been here since the Nazis started bombing the shit out of Britain the first time. I had seen her hanging around, pretending that the paper on her hard-earned clipboard was her rota of jobs rather than a notebook of things to report later. I had seen her, I remember thinking that she was one of those despicable victims who would turn themselves in if they thought that there was some benefit in it. Sooner or later, these types should have been going the same way as stone-age man, but the good money was on their survival. A few, a lucky few, would make it onto the next level, they would be out of the way of the falling shit but able to add to the general excretion of power and tyranny. This was how the world worked, dog eat dog, eat cat, eat rat, eat the very shit in which the world wallows. Darwin has often leant himself to numerous misquotes on this. What I’m trying to say is that the lowliest of the lowliest will one day wield power and those that have not understood this will be caught up in a perfect shit-storm of retribution.

Blessed are the weak: 

For they shall inherit the earth.

Mathew 5.5

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