Middle-Aged White Male Tantrums…

“Now, let somebody else have their say.”

There is a time when you just have to shut up and let somebody else speak, even though you, and people like you, have been accustomed to speaking and getting your own way for eons. 

“It’s not fair,” many are saying. “I’m a middle-aged white man and nobody is listening to me anymore. My voice doesn’t count!”

From racism to sexism, to gender realignment, to political correctness, MAWM are tantruming about their newly perceived loss of significance. Once the centre of the world, they have found themselves less central, more peripheral. The years in which they were able to enjoy the freedom of speach, to insult anyone and anything that they disagreed with, have receded, but not without a fight. Trump, Johnson, Putin, and a whole host of blue-collar bullies are fighting the good fight in order to re-install MAWM to his rightful place at the head of all tables.

I’m a MAWM but lack the prerequisite sulking or tantrums. I am one of those MAWMs who got the message; understood the justice of it all, believed that being a right-wing, racist and sexist dinosaur was not the way the world ought to be run. 

There is something deeply disturbing about people who inhabit a past that is maintained in an aspic reluctance to move on. These are the people who long for the way it used to be, the certainties of colour, gender, orientation. They live there because it is the easy place to inhabit. Nobody asks questions, nobody thinks too deeply, nobody climbs out of their allotted place. The world is clear, it is black and white, wrong and right, boy and girl. In that world, dilemmas are meaningless as there is a definite answer to everything. I have to admit that they are putting up one hell of a fight, one that I hope is a little too late.

I think that the world has changed and, no matter what they try to do to reset it, will fail as the impetus has moved too far for it to return to it old orbit. 

“Now, let somebody else have their say.”

2 thoughts on “Middle-Aged White Male Tantrums…

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  1. Absolutely (says this 60+ white woman who’s been waiting a long time to have her say, too)!

    My hubby and I have been watching The Sopranos episodes in order… (we went through “Game of Thrones,” “The Shield,” the Harry Potter movies, with a bunch of other things inbetween….) and at one point, in an argument with his daughter Meadow, Anthony Soprano points out the window and says, “It might be the 1990s out there, but it’s 1954 in here!”

    Twenty or so years later, the mindset persists for many.

    Thanks for this thoughtful post!

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