Just my imagination…

Could be my imagination telling me that I had posted this…

Read After Burnout

“You left him in the woods. He is alone now. You have to find him.”

There was one very obvious question, but I could not ask it. I could not ask anything because as soon as she had arrived, she was gone. The light was gone. My room was gone. The safety of my bed had been blown away and I was left stranded on the carpet of corpses that formed the forest floor. She had sent me back to save a boy whose name I did not know. I had been safe and now I was not. At least it appeared that I was able to stand.

A moon sat above me. The tree canopy, which had previously been a formidable barrier, had opened to allow traces of light fall through. It was a hint of illumination but that was all that was needed for the scene to take…

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