I think that it is complete…

Just looking at cover designs. Is there anyone out there that is prepared to design a cover for my latest book?

“Now you are ready for the woods, my friend. You will be cold as it is now winter there. The children have hidden themselves until the return of the sun, but the old woman will be waiting in her den. She has been awaiting somebody like you for many years. She will greet you and maybe she will offer to feed you, but be careful what you consume, her drugs are not as friendly as mine.”

It struck me as odd that this ordinary member of the nursing community should be speaking to me in a manner that belonged more to a pantomime than a thoracic ward. And as the lines were delivered, I watched his features dissolve into a galaxy of smiles. I was swallowing the tumbler of good medicine and washing it down with the water that had been placed at my side.

“You can sleep or you can wake.”

Neither presented an alternative, all roads led to Rome and it appeared that everybody was now wearing complete sets of personal protective equipment. 

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