Man Is Born Free…

And that is why the past repeats itself…

Read After Burnout

But everywhere he is in chains.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

It is a universal truth that mankind likes to have boundaries. We need laws, rules, and expectations. We need codes and conventions, rights and wrongs. We need punishments and discipline. We need codes of conduct and commandments. We need an ironclad God, gods, tyrants, or merely dictators. We need to be kept in our places, controlled by our duties, and kept from ourselves. Why?

Because we are creatures of excess. Once we’ve tasted the fruit we wish for it everyday. We then wish for more fruit. And in addition to that, we wish for fruit that is fermenting or has fermented. Once ‘off our tits’ we either fight or slumber. We are the beast that knows itself to be werewolf and, in knowing, chains itself to the walls each time the full moon threatens.

We are also the most idle inheritors…

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