A is for Apocalypse…

Silence has many different levels of meaning. To some it means just what it says, a complete absence of sound. In that type of silence you can hear absolutely nothing and I would have a major problem with such a unresponsive definition because it is just so plainly not true. When we think that we can hear nothing, we are actually hearing lots of things but you are just not bothered enough to register them. People like the countryside, the place I am currently living in, as they say that it is ‘peaceful’ and ‘tranquil’. These two words are what is known as synonyms as the mean roughly the same but are different. Lots of writers, and especially poets, use this type of thing in their writing. My English teacher likes to point it out to us, pleased at the fact that our supermarket-sized brains struggle with this. He has a point, we may have excessively active grey matter, but we don’t exist in the grey areas of things like literature and philosophy and that story world called RE. Neuros get so confused with the run of things that they make things up without having any logical reason to do so.  Bedtime stories.  

I think that I said this before, the Great Hall has lots of books and lots of them haven’t been read by us boys. Reading is difficult if it’s not about facts. Stories are not always easy to follow and some make no sense whatsoever. In class, we are always being told to look for more than one meaning. I mean, if it has more than one meaning surely it is confused about what it is that it wants to say. As for Shakespeare, well let’s just forget about that one, eh? A Christmas Carol in the other hand is just good old ghost story without any stupidity about other meanings or context. 

At some point in time I will look back on these days and be able to put them into context. The context would be something like this:

  • I am not neuro-typical
  • I am high-functioning on the autistic scale
  • I hated ‘normal’ school and was saved by Sandham
  • Sandham is a ‘special’ school for special students
  • The ‘special’ students are very different from others and we take a lot of care and teaching
  • My dad left some time ago and he never said goodbye.

I forgot to mention that there is a pandemic raging around the world and nobody appears to have any immunity. 

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