The Eye in the Sky

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Mythology and Symbolism

It seemed appropriate that my first entry here should center around something that is very dear to me: the Hawk.

To begin with, Hawks are not as popular in mythology as some of their peers, such as Eagles and Falcons, though occasionally Hawks and Falcons can be sort of “interchanged”. This is something that I’ve always found frustrating, because a single source can describe Horus as a falcon-headed man and then also refer to the hawk of Horus (in regards to the form of his head). I find it helps to keep in mind that most of the old mythologies (especially ancient Egypt) spanned long periods of time and great distances, were not all written down, and were revised again and again. But I feel like that might be verging on another topic, so let’s get back to the Hawk, shall we?

Across the board, Hawks are seen as messengers…

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