Chips with Covid…

Not time for Fun Facts, but here goes:

Civid-19 can have some long-lasting effects and this may include ‘brain fog’. Since people started to get infected with the virus, more and more are suffering from a variety of neurological symptoms that don’t appear to be alleviated by time. Memory loss, poor concentration, poor sleep and anxiety are just some of the problems people are experiencing. Others just can’t stop sleeping. 

I was ticking the boxes here and I was a little worried. The last thing that I needed in this school was to suffer from the same ‘brain fog’ that the surrounding countryside was suffering from this morning. If morning was what it was. At least my hearing was still in good shape and at least I wasn’t alone this morning.

I heard footsteps on the corridor outside my room and hoped that it was one of the boys or overnight support staff. The familiar groan of the loose floorboard announced that somebody would soon be knocking on my door. Fish scales, weighing scales, musical scales, geographical scales, I simply wasn’t bothered. I was sitting up in bed as the door eased open and I was preparing to communicate my incapacity when something warned me not to. A cold draught of air washed into my room and with it was a suspicion that the person entering was not one who I knew. I don’t normally get frightened. I don’t have a side to me that opens up to the ridiculous notions that suggest that unexplained events and occurrences are visits from the supernatural. 

I also don’t believe that Bill Gates is using vaccines to implant microchips into people’s brains. It doesn’t make any sense. If you wanted to implant microchips in people’s brains, you would use surgery. Vaccines just don’t make any sense. Oh, and apparently Bill Gates, who gives millions upon millions away to charities worldwide, wants to enslave the human race and make them into mindless followers or drones. It’s amazing how neuros managed to even survive their way out of the primordial soup that was evolution. But at that moment in time, I was saying words (inside my head), pleading for deliverance from a thing that I had absolutely no logical belief in. My skin was overcome with goose-bumps and I swear that the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on ceremony as Bloody Mary strolled into my room.  

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