Freedom of Thought…

The way people are thinking these days, or should I say the way that people are choosing not to think, is an eye-opener only to the people who choose to open their eyes. To everybody else, it is an irrelevance, a wasted action, an act of treason. Thinking hurts, so why bother when there are plenty of others out there to do the painful stuff for you?

I have a friend who is as close to me as a brother. He has spent a lifetime choosing not to think. He doesn’t hold any strong opinions neither right nor left, and his life has moved along in a manner that is tranquil and not troubled by burning righteousness. This, on the whole has made him a very likeable, non-judgemental guy. But when I was chatting to him about the decline in standards of the writing in Doctor Who, he tells me that it’s down to them includng too much ‘political stuff’.

I know that my friend has a penchant for ‘fan-sites’, areas of the internet where “fans’ can vent their opinions. It seems though, as with other areas of public life, that the Daleks have taken control of any thoughts concerning Doctor Who. The same is probably true of the Borg and Star Trek, but I think that recent writers of Star Trek have mellowed in their feelings towards the Borg and have attempted to show them in a kinder light. Regardless of this, their human viewers also think that the writing is too political, too left, too liberal, too decent. Political for the new breed of universal terror is not being a Realist and failing to adopt attitudes that seek to remain in age-old chains of thinking, hating thy neighbour, dismissing others claims for equality, and keeping things just as they always were, always have been and should always remain. The fact that there are more extreme-rightwing terrorists in our prisons should be a warning of what is to come, especially when one considers that many govenrments have moved into dangerously extremist quadrants of the galaxy.

My friend did not really question any of the verbose fanatics about their views; he just assumed that they were ‘expert’ readers of the programmes that he enjoyed. From being a fan of both programmes he now does not watch either them as they are now ‘too political’.

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  1. We give the human race way more credit than it deserves. We deserve. Screw it. Go to the self-serve and settle in for “I’m not political” vs “I’m just being honest” with the winner taking on “I don’t fact-check. That’s what AutoCORRECT is for.”🤣 Does anyone have any chocolate sauce for my soft-serve?

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