Read After Covid…31

A year ago. Then, it was the day before my accident – the day that I met the rabbit hole and almost disappeared into it for good. A year later: the weather is almost a replica, I have written two new books, I have started to push my body towards the goal of reaching the condition that it had previously been in.

And now I am considering going out on a ride…

Read After Burnout

Saturday used to be my favourite day. It was a day of staying in bed until the very last, of drinking lots of tea, having conversations about the news, and indulging in property-porn. For the uninitiated, P-P is looking at foreign properties in France or Spain. By looking at properties for sale, we were there, in mind if not body. We all have favourite days and for me that was Saturday.

All days are now similar. The getting up and the going to sleep are all the same. There are no divisions, just time, ticking away unnoticed.

In the other world, we would be making the most of these days that are not ruled by work. Some sort of decent breakfast would follow our gargantuan consumption of tea. I would put a Saturday morning cooking programme on and saunter my way through it whilst doing other small tasks. I would…

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