April 19th?

This has become a special date for me as last year I caused my self a whole cargo of injuries that almost led to my unscheduled demise. Demise ia a nice way of saying dead. The good thing was that I didn’t die – I came close to it, but just managed to avoid it at the last moment. Death came for me in the form of a cycling accident, a smash of tarmac, a raking of skin, a breaking of bones and a puncturing of lung. It came as a hole that had purposely opened up in the middle of the road and swallowed me whole. It then returned as a lethal thickening of blood to formed into a deep vein thrombosis that took me within hours of my final checkout. All this on April 19th?

So that date was seared into my head. I celebrated its passing several days ago – waved goodbye and good riddance. Never to be seen again. But dates do return, every year. Still, that one was gone, wasn’t it? No.

Ii was going through my old writings, the ones that pushed me to create this blog, and I noticed that April 19th cropped up again. It was the date that I had my massive anxiety attack, the burnout that brought about my fall from grace and the blog that I still keep.

The world is Bananas!

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