Read After Covid…5

The first days…

Read After Burnout

They still keep calling me. I am only able to hold it off so much. Inevitably, I cave into the pressure. Could I work in a school that is in some godforsaken part of the country? Maths, she said. I hate maths. Yes, I said and almost instantly regretted it.

Our middle daughter seems to have the virus. She’s locked in her accommodation at university and she’s trying to battle it out, not wanting to bring it home with her. Spreading the virus is something that decent human beings should not do, but when your child is showing signs of being ill, very ill if not attended to, where does being a decent human being stop and being a parent begin?I woke this morning, we both woke very early, and my wife told me that I shouldn’t do the day’s work. I agreed.

Later in the morning, the middle daughter…

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