Learning to Loathe…

It is to be expected when a being reaches the age that I’m at now. You can’t carry on hoping that there will be a happy ending waiting to happen to everybody. Come to think of it, I don’t want a happy conclusion to this struggle of a life to be shared by everyone. There are people out there who do not deserve a happy-ever-after as they are the ones who set themselves to deny such outcomes for others.

The world has moved towards realistic opinions. That means that the left leaning liberal fluffy thinkers are rapidily being dispatched onto the wrong side of history’s bed. History has not ended and it has not achieved a yin/yang balance between greedy capitalism and freeby politics. We have moved back to the dog eat dog, cat eat cat, rat eat rat, red in tooth and claw scramble for existence that has always been there. LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR as long as it is advantageous, ignore them if it is onerous, and go to war with them if you are assured of a good outcome.

We are no longer citizens of the world, sharing this huge blue planet that is in the process of being destroyed by one species of ape that has gotten too big for its trees. We are individual competitors caught up in a race for resources, competitors who are prepared to do anything to gain an advantage. And as the planet goes into free-fall, we distract ourselves with digital vanity projects, that F word programme that has opened the doors to all our insignificantly significant lives, concerns, desires and hatreds. Where would our sanity be without that?

Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Well, they have. They have made a rough polish of all that was worthy and are now dancing around the remains in savage appreciation. And their motto is…

Loathe Thy Neighbour.

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