Passing Wind For Payment…

Filling Time…

Read After Burnout

Roast Turkey with stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage

Lentil curry with boiled rice (v)

It was a tough decision as I loved roast potatoes; the turkey could get stuffed. In the end, I settled for my vegetarian option with lentil curry. As a now committed vegetarian, I asked for carrots and cabbage to be placed on my plate. The lentils did not enjoy the flavour that I had expected from a curry; they were bland and the vegetables were a little soggy. It acted as ‘fuel’ as my dad would say so I got on with it. Food was fuel. It was like petrol that was pushed into an engine to make it work. I was past the time of timber and was enjoying a period in which I started to fill out in the places that were seen to be the right places. I was, according to some of…

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