Fit for Fantasy in Recovery…

Back on the Ward…

Read After Burnout

I was back listening to the doctor who may or may not have been beside my bed during the early waking hours of the ward. I heard him talk of a young woman who had been diagnosed with corona-virus and had taken her own life. He spoke about the ward that I was on as being a mixed ward, corona and non-corona patients. He pointed to me and explained that I was obviously very intelligent but was not very cooperative. I felt a new surge of pride on both counts. The doctor and his tutees moved on to the next room without ever having realised that I been a part of everything they had discussed. I did not need to try to re-enter sleep, I didn’t need to, it enveloped me.     

You couldn’t make up the state the world was in not even if you shot yourself full of mind-altering…

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