Lovely, Dark and Deep…

It’s not the writer’s fault…

Read After Burnout

Sometimes your characters surprise you.

It is easy to fall into the obvious escape narrative. As humans, our psyche dictates that we arerunning away from some imminent threat just as much as we are unknowingly running towards some other threat. It’s probably a species memory from when we were pre-meal morsels for much bigger and definitely less philosophically-centred creatures whose only raison d’etre was to kill and to eat. So, as little beasts we decided always to flee rather than offer up hostility; it was a way of surviving in order to flee another day. In these times it wasn’t a rather hungry sabre-tooth tiger but the arrival of a deadly plague, a pandemic that a fifth of its intended victims chose to deny because of its very obvious invisible nature, ‘Duh!’ Most of the population was predisposed to rightful fear whilst one fifth refused to accept that something so…

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