Book Ends…

Still in the woods…

Read After Burnout

You’re like book ends, the pair of you…

I find ending things almost impossible. There is something so agonizingly finite about putting a final stop to something, a fullstop. Books, films, football matches, friendships, relationships, life – all have to end, to reach a final destination, a place to stop…forever.

Writing books is a thing that I consider that I can do reasonably well. Don’t take from that the impression that I am a great writer as that would be a lie. I write books as a way of proving to myself that I can capture or create a story and can then relate it back to unknown readers. I ‘get’ characters, plot-development and can throw the odd theme into the flames of creativity as well. What I can’t do is end a book properly. Endings are never satisfying as they mark the point where nothing else exists and beyond…

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