Lovey, dark and deep…

What to do about persistent Nazis…

Read After Burnout

Just who do you turn to if you truly suspect that the country that you live in is being secretly taken over by Nazis? The answer, as I found out, was nobody. In the real world, the one that professed to exist outside the ward, few would pay much attention to such a claim. What a growing number of people would do would be to ascribe such announcements to the general book of lunacy that they believed had been the script for my later life. Nazis were from the dark pages of history. They were a story that some would tell both themselves and their children, a ‘real world’ tale about wizards, goblins, witches and ghouls. It did happen, but that was Once Upon a Time and anyone who believed that it could happen again was too convinced by fairy-tales and should try to sleep more and dream less. I…

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