More Than Half-Full…

We humans are beasts who must be hardwired with optimism. We live on a planet that is going through the throes of massive change, a planet that is the tiniest dot in a universe neither fully seen or comprehended. Apparently, our universe has its boundaries, its edges, and beyond that who knows. The answer is that we do know, yet we choose to ignore. The answer is space and into that space may well fall oblivion – the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one.

Our lives are similar. Death is the truth, a fact of end-of-life, the cessation of all that we are able to experience. And yet we choose to ignore it, deny its certainty, leave it only acknowledged until it happens – and then it’s gone. We have the knowledge and yet we choose not to acknowledge. It is such a certainty that we dismiss it as only a vague possibility whilst getting on with that less certain thing that we call life. We are, in the light of this, unbelievably positive beings.

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