The Chinese, Tea and Milk…

And again…

Read After Burnout

On that fourth day, Mother and I found ourselves seated at one of the long benches in the underground. A number of Laura’s group were off scouting outside. Some ripple of information had worked its way amongst them and they had organised themselves into small scouting parties. Maddie, the little girl who had twice come to my attention, was foremost amongst the scouts. Whilst the others organised, she was off. One moment she was there and the next she was not. I had brought this to the attention of Laura and she just smiled and said that that was how Maddie worked. She may have been the youngest of the scouts but she was the best.

They had been gone for some time before Mother began to talk to me about the things of the past. Firstly, she spoke about tea. She told me that tea was something that originally came…

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