The Piper 16

And again…

Read After Burnout

images-655She was loaded down with bags, with Pete, and one of the broadest grins they had seen on her for years. It was only when she saw the bruise that had begun to appear on Chris’s cheek, one lucky punch, that she lost her newly found demeanour.

“What happened?” she enquired with a concern that took her back to the bad days.

She hoped, prayed, that it had not followed them here. The bullying had been one of the worst things that had come from it. She had accepted her part, had accepted the isolation, the ostracism that had come with the label of having a child-killing drink-drive husband, but she could not accept the malevolence that had been visited upon her sons by their peers. This had scarred the family in a fashion that ran much deeper than the cut of a blade.

Chris was going to use the…

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