No Flies On Me…

Read After Burnout

The woodpigeon was a give-away. It was the thing that used to exist beneath the buzzing flies and crawling maggots. Suppose it was was Walt Disney saw as the cycle of life. That was the thing with Disney, hard facts sugar-coated for the kids to swallow; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Life wasn’t going to get any better for that dead woodpigeon anytime soon.

He gave it a wide birth and crossed to the other side of the road. As he was doing so, his stomach took a turn and threatened to explode straight out of his mouth. The unexpected need to vomit landed on him and, before he could take another step, he was bent double expelling the frugal contents of his last meal. Sardines in tomato sauce didn’t taste so good the second time. The agony of his wretch made the constant pounding in his head into thunderclaps and this combined with…

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