Another road taken…

Read After Burnout

There are times when taking detours is engaging. They pass the time, increase the journey, and introduce new aspects to be admired. The crow flies the shortest distance between two points and if a crow is a generic representation of birds in general, all birds must take the shortest and most efficient path between two points, that is if crows abide by the sayings of man. 

Crows, like men, can be distracted from their journeys’ end. The goshawk had diverted from its path in order to take advantage of an opportunity to exercise its instincts and satiate its nature. It had become death and destruction for those moments when it picked that unsuspecting woodpigeon from the skies. The pigeon never knew that death was so close, that a change of flightpath that had come about due to a change in light or wind, had signed the end-of-life agreement the bird…

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