Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition…

You should have expected it by now…

Read After Burnout


The problem, as Monty Python knew so very well, was that everybody had an inkling that something was coming. It’s the thing that you dread the most that refuses to materialise in the front of your mind.  It’s the Brussel sprout on your plate that just will never disappear no matter how many times you push it around your plate.

“And I spaketh thus as a lover of sprouts. Blessed be the sprout for it shall sit at the Christmas table regardless of any preconceived dispositions.”

We all know that New Year’s Day is a load of bollocks. New Years’s Eve is that last good pop at wassailing, wishing the best for the year to come, and making resolutions that will never be kept. But we do it anyway.

I thought I was ill yesterday. I really thought that I was unwell. I had all the symptoms; mainly lethargy. The…

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