I started this as an attempt to pull myself out of a very, very dark place. I was lost yet had not realised just how much of my original self had been lost along the way.

My life’s ambition was to be a writer.

I write, but the aim is to make that my life. This blog is my way of reaching out to you, the reader, and me, the writer (and person). My wife and daughters were worried that it was a little too personal, too much information, too many confessions. In reality, I haven’t confessed to adultery, murder or even voting for UKIP (I have done none of these). What I have done is to confess to being human, and a rather fragile one at that.

I hope you read this, enjoy it and share it. Please enter into some discussion with me and help to build an all-inclusive blog for those who suffer from the human syndrome.


I shall be live-publishing other books on here as well.

Thank you for reading and Read After Burnout!


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