Come Fourth The Fifth

I remember the miner’s strike in the eighties as a sound lesson in civil war. I had recently left the Metropolitan Police as a result of their rather fascistic approach to race relations. Just in time, I remember thinking. Thatcher, our last truly great leader, had already barged into a boy ship of sea cadets and... Continue Reading →

Little White Lies

If I said that I was going to climb Mount Kiliminjaro, he would be jogging up and down Mount Everest for the weekend. There is absolutely nothing that I can do that he has not done in a different format. I run, he power walks, I cycle, he's cycled, I write, he paints. The only... Continue Reading →

Monday Post

They keep on doing it. Mondays arrive like the product of clockwork. The weekend is barely over before the Mondays shuffle in, pushing the main actors off stage and shooing in the black and white monotony of their weekday mates. "Hey, come on Tuesday, come on Wednesday, shake a leg Thursday!" You can hear the... Continue Reading →

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad?

“What? Never really liking myself?”  She nodded encouragingly. There is a shiver of panic that invades my life on certain occasions. It’s like the feeling that one might get when pulling off a jumper that is a little too small. First it grabs around the shoulders, sticks and refuses to go any further. This tends... Continue Reading →

Don’t Jump The Gun

At the behest of my trusted Mercedes, I am posting a retraction of a previous statement appertaining to the demise of said chariot. According to mechanics of the highest order, the vehicle can be saved. It's just a minor problem in the great scheme of things. "It may come back a little different."

If At First…

Walt Whitman, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing right, wearing hat, circa 1887 Published in The United States Review in September 1855, an appreciation of the poet Walt Whitman’s collection Leaves of Grass opened by exclaiming: ‘An American bard at last! … his voice bringing hope and prophecy to the generous races of young and old.’ Unusually, the author of... Continue Reading →

Mercedes Down

But never forgotten... We never expect the inevitable. We know that it will happen, that it is a certainty, but we never accept that it will truly happen. The death of a Mercedes is not an event I ever believed would happen, but yesterday, on the way back from work, it did. My motor and... Continue Reading →

The Rest Of My Loaf

This is another false Monday. It's the day after a Bank Holiday. A Holiday. The Whit week. A Holy day. And I'm getting ready to go to work. All cannot be good in the Kingdom of the above. So, I turn this morning to the sermon on the mount. This little known sermon was given... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years Just Went By…

Twenty years ago and none of what has happened since had happened: Manchester United rose and rose in success before their present decline. The house that we built from within was still the declining shambles that served as a fortress for a hermit. Our eldest daughter had still to go to pre-school. Our middle daughter... Continue Reading →

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