Life is but a walking shadow…

I have been spending the last few months trying to settle on a story for my next enterprise. I have happened on a few ideas, but they tend to fade with the coming of the daylight. Think and think and think again, but to no avail. The last two books I have completed have not... Continue Reading →

Reworked Classics…Quiz

An easterly is the most annoying of all the winds to sweep in across the brown waters of the North Sea. The city that is Kingstown awaits with baited dread and settles into a stoically practised response. They called it a European bite, a cold snap that was meant to punish those across the water.... Continue Reading →

April 19th?

This has become a special date for me as last year I caused my self a whole cargo of injuries that almost led to my unscheduled demise. Demise ia a nice way of saying dead. The good thing was that I didn't die - I came close to it, but just managed to avoid it... Continue Reading →

You All Along

From The Story of Eve The shadows stood tall and long in the shining of the moon. The forest waited with trees that could have been beasts and Ruth sucked in her breath. She tried to calm herself. She had been running for more than two hours and she had still not lost them. ‘Them’... Continue Reading →

All Structure is Retrofitted…

This is my first day of the rest of my life.  I thought I may as well have it before it’s too late. I can remember fifteen years ago and being in the preliminary stages of realisation of the years that I was collecting. My footballing skills had most definitely waned and I started to... Continue Reading →

Some words From Way Back…

I wanted to be a writer. I wanted the freedom of thought that would allow me to create my own kingdoms and to find my own treasures. I wanted another life from the one that I have now. Teaching is a job, not a life. So, I set about the task of teaching myself how... Continue Reading →

Digital Narrators.

The other day, I started to play about with the new Anchor podcasting platforms and I have been having some fun. Okay, so the only voices available are a male and a female, both not out of place on the deck of Star Trek, but it does help to hear the stories. My favourite one... Continue Reading →

From The Story of Eve…

Eternity comes in many sizes. Ours was surprisingly longer than I had guessed. We must have travelled for mile upon mile. I was aware of landmasses by which we were channelled. Stands of trees, forests and mountains came and went as we continued our journey and I remembered watching, from a secure height, the mayhem... Continue Reading →

Bloody Mary and the Shower Room…

SHIT! I haven’t told you about the ghost yet.  The ghost was a shadow that followed me around. Sometimes, as I was swimming up from a deep place of sleep, I could see, through the sleepy cement eyes that are always there first thing in the morning or whenever it is that I wake, something... Continue Reading →

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