I liked this massacre (mine)

At what point did he (General Custer) realise that he had played one gig too many? Those Rock 'n Roll days were about to be over. Originally from West Yorkshire, I was brought up on a regular diet of Cowboys and Indians. Cowboys were the goodies and Indians were the not-so goodies. In later life... Continue Reading →

My Almost Wellbeing Recommendation

Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life by Gary John Bishop As you might have gleaned from the irreverent title, Unfu*k Yourself is not your typical self-help book. Written with equal parts wit and candor, it implores the reader to think about the life they truly want to live. The book then demonstrates... Continue Reading →

Beneath The Lines…

The Subtext… I wanted to be a writer. I wanted the freedom of thought that would allow me to create my own kingdoms and to find my own treasures. I wanted something that others probably believe is unobtainable. I wanted to be a writer. So, I set about the task of teaching myself how to... Continue Reading →

Are You Burning Out?

Signs of burnout: · You are exhausted all the time, no matter how many hours you spend in bed · A sense of isolation from other people, and even from yourself, to the extent of becoming a virtual recluse · Ineffectual, no matter how much work you put in · A feeling of emotional deadness... Continue Reading →

Read After Burnout Review from Goodreads.

    I was extremely pleased to read this:   An Educator Burns Out, Loses The Pieces Of His Sanity, Finds Those Pieces And Uses Them To Recontruct A New Self. With great humor and raw honesty the author takes us through his disillusionment, his depression and aniexty. His journey through medications and discovery of... Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Night

Almost twenty-minutes past three and I am sittng here in the darkness, without my glasses, whilst my wife and daughters sleep upstairs. I woke thinking. Now someway into my veritable older years, though the boy inside me queries this, I have those nocturnal meanderings that lead to a gnawingly inward frustration. It's over two-years since... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Believing In Oneself

I was out cycling with a good friend last night. It acts as a catch-up as well as a talking therapy session. The exercise is our form of meditation. The ride has several stages. The first is the preliminary greetings. This is followed by a few funny anecdotes from our daily lives. Then it becomes... Continue Reading →

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