1. It was the old woman again who calls herself Cynthia. It’s probably not her real name and I think that a lot of the stories she tells are perhaps only loosely based on fact. She probably looked quite good in her heyday. You can tell that with some people; bone structure. Booze is like... Continue Reading →

The Truth…

Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality. In everyday language, truth is typically ascribed to things that aim to represent reality or otherwise correspond to it, such as beliefs, propositions, and declarative sentences. Truth is usually held to be the opposite of falsity.  Thanks to Wikipedia!

Blessed are The Weak…

Another extract from Out of the Woods. You can only be openly disrespectful just so many times before somebody notices. It’s always the ones you fail to notice, the almost invisible ones who do the jobs that nobody else cares to do, the ones you would never do in a millions shit-storm centuries, who inform.... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…5

They still keep calling me. I am only able to hold it off so much. Inevitably, I cave into the pressure. Could I work in a school that is in some godforsaken part of the country? Maths, she said. I hate maths. Yes, I said and almost instantly regretted it. Our middle daughter seems to... Continue Reading →

Out of the Woods…

From my new book: My life had reached a point where all that existed before could no longer match up to what was taking place after. Somehow, like the bicycle on the country road, my existence had become suspended, held in the moment before passing, and the reason for this was starting to slowly reveal... Continue Reading →

Not Out…

Monotony settles like a sheet across the waking hours of the ward. It’s a long day with patients being prodded awake with offers of tea and coffee. After that, it’s cereals or toast. I accepted tea, strong with only a little milk, but did not partake of any solids; my wife had provided me with... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…

If you are reading this you have survived IT so far. The IT is the thing that can't be named. Think Macbeth, but only think it. You see, once it has taken to the air and spread its wings...Well, I think you get the message. I am writing this as a response to IT. I... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…17

Revelations don't come much bigger. I wasn't on the road to Demascus, I wasn't on any road, I was in my pyjamas and checking my blog. I was checking the reading figures, and that formed art of my revelation - even in times such as this, I am cocerned with Earthly matters. Then it struck... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…14

Last night, the family came together to share each other's company. We have all our girls back home and, although two of them are now adults, we are still the closely-knit family of the photos in our album. And how time does race past. Our perception of time alters depending on our circumstances. It either... Continue Reading →

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