Read After Covid…17

Revelations don't come much bigger. I wasn't on the road to Demascus, I wasn't on any road, I was in my pyjamas and checking my blog. I was checking the reading figures, and that formed art of my revelation - even in times such as this, I am cocerned with Earthly matters. Then it struck... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…14

Last night, the family came together to share each other's company. We have all our girls back home and, although two of them are now adults, we are still the closely-knit family of the photos in our album. And how time does race past. Our perception of time alters depending on our circumstances. It either... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…13

Write about what you know, that's what they tell you. The problem is that I do not know these times, at all. These times have sprung up from the pages of novels that weave themselves around the possibility of a plague decimating the world's population. Interesting that the term, decimate, refers to the Roman habit... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…11

So as not to be outdone by the little things that make up Covid 19, the weather turned towards the Arctic for its next theme. At just gone 7 o’clock this morning, a swathe of freezing grey swept in from the still frozen lands and deposited a huge outpouring of hailstones. Car roofs became percussion... Continue Reading →

Read After Covid…Day 2

My mornings begin in roughly the same way. I wake. I climb from bed. I descend the stairs and I boil a kettle. God forbid if this virus interfered with that. Earlier this week, one news article grabbed my attention by the horns. It was a video-report from a hospital in Lombardy and it needed... Continue Reading →

Out with the old…

Being a Scrooge at Christmas is nothing to be proud of, or to apologise for. As far as I know, having reservations about this great festive break is perfectly legitimate. I was saying to my wife, before Christmas kicked-off, that we should not try our best to create an occasion that is 'perfect'. Christmas and... Continue Reading →

Living with the dead…

Our frequent guest for Christmas has woken up partially dead. It happens to him on a regular basis, the alcohol, need for external stimuli, and general lethargy turns his sunny disposition into a grey snot-filled one. He moans about people giving him bugs and fails to see that nobody else is suffering. As a parting... Continue Reading →

Three Days of the Condor

Robert Redford One of my favourite films of all time. Obviously not 'all time' as they have only been making movies for less than a century and a quarter, but time enough. Its central premise is that a 'CIA book-reader' (yes he gets paid for reading books so as to uncover plots being hatched around... Continue Reading →

Talk Less…

A golden rule of mine has become one that is concerned with talking. I was always a talker, attempting to win people over through the power or sheer numbers of my words. Last night while strolling through my merry English market town, I heard the volume created by others. It was both deafening and incoherent.... Continue Reading →

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