Both Magical and Maniacal

Life is sweetness wrapped in bile. It's the fruit from the tree that, once bitten, first assaults the taste; those first few moments of regret and dismay. The tongue takes some accustoming to such unwanted shocks and the mind has to readjust to the realisation that all encounters may taste this way. There is probably... Continue Reading →

Who’s Writing My Life?

Imagine that our lives are novels, ones that have been written by somebody else. Each morning, we open ourselves up to a new chapter. Sometimes it’s just an old paragraph that we have convinced ourselves that we have been working on; work in progress. When we first went through this it seemed alright, but we have... Continue Reading →

Part of my submission

AWOL, The Story Of Adam, is a dystopian novel set in the near future when wars and climate change have remade the world. No longer an logical world, civilization has compacted itself into small and isolated colonies. One such is the Citadel that is run by a government called The Family.  The Citadel is a... Continue Reading →

Time Sack

Nobody is aware of this, but a few; me and my wife to be exact. My recent travels with Captain Candy have revealed the truth about the nature of existence: the world ended some time in November 1979. That strangely coincided with Pick Floyd's release of The Wall. It was also the time that Captain... Continue Reading →

Writing a review.

I have written reviews of novels in the past and some people may have read them. I'm not a mover and a shaker in the world of lit/crit and what I say doesn't need to be considered. I was handed a novel the other week that had a strange title. It was set during the... Continue Reading →

How to write a best-seller.

Finished editing AWOL (The Story of Adam) yesterday and started working on the one line elevator pitches. Elevator Pitches: He never knew that girls existed until he met the one who was destined blow his world away. Adam was having a bad term, a bad life, and was about to come face to face with... Continue Reading →

Little White Lies

If I said that I was going to climb Mount Kiliminjaro, he would be jogging up and down Mount Everest for the weekend. There is absolutely nothing that I can do that he has not done in a different format. I run, he power walks, I cycle, he's cycled, I write, he paints. The only... Continue Reading →

Hope And The Dead

Short Extract From The Piper 3 For most people the sight of such a creature, especially one so old and decayed as this (its upper and lower lips had been nibbled away by the same rat that had devoured its long dead nose) would have been a cause for petrified alarm. This one, though, had... Continue Reading →

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