Life is but a walking dream…

Follow your dreams, the voices said. Don’t be afraid to dream big. I have always been a dreamer sleepwalking through the life that happened when I woke up and got out of bed. My life has been one big dream step in front of another, or to the side, or backwards. I gauge my success... Continue Reading →

Losing Slates…

Last Night's Sleep Around the 'witching hour' it woke me up. Some torrent of air was cascading across the world and suddenly I was no longer safe asleep. It came with a booming. A long exhale of frustration that was meant to punish. Too long had they been in their beds, wrapped up against the... Continue Reading →

Waking Up To Satanic Verses.

It's an odd thing to pop into ones head as the last of sleep drains away, but this morning I woke with a strange idea, religion. As with all strange ideas born from slumber, this one threatened to wash away before my true wakefulness had returned and so I tried to capture some of it... Continue Reading →

Good Things Age

Why can't humans be like wine? People love to ask ages, the young especially. “How old are you, sir? Sixty? Seventy?” I normally tell them that I was born the year after the Battle of Hastings. That shuts a lot of them up for a few minutes. The bright ones are straight onto it. “Really,... Continue Reading →

Time Marches On…

And there is me waking with my brains half clocked to the fact that this is the beginning of my fifty-eighth year. Fifty-seven years I have completed on this planet and there are still some more to fulfil. It was an indeterminant sentence, somebody must have said. I was never good at grammar so I... Continue Reading →

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